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Plastic Terracotta Pots Range

7.6 -20.3 cms (3 to 8inch)

30.5cm (12”) Plastic Terracotta Pot


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7.6-20.3cm (3-8”) Flower Pot Saucers

6cm Fibre pots. Value pack of 96

6cm Fibre pots. Value pack of 96


More Info8cm Fibre Pots Pack of 1240 Pot Potting Tray kit9cm (3.5in) Plastic pots Pack of 10

9cm(3.5in)Square Plastic Pots Pack of 10 Special Purchase £0.99p

These products are only available in our local delivery area postcodes of SO, PO1-PO29, BH1-BH11 and BH21-BH26.

Mixed Orders over £40 delivered free. Under £40 delivery charge of £6.75

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Plastic Flower Pots

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30.5cm 12 inch flower pot saucer


40 Pot Tray Potting Kit £7.25

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8cm Fibre pots. Pack of 12 £5.99

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Seed Trays and Propagators

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